Pleuni Veen


four singers
two mime players
one drummer
the mother stands sadly
her eyes are turning back into her stomach
searching for the child she used to be

STABAT MATER is a music performance about how to live if we seem to lose the child in ourselves. Seven performers are searching for their voices when they find out the child inside them has died.

For Gaudeamus (2023) Stabat Mater is performed in a deconstructed form with four singers and one mime player.  


MUSIC & DIRECTION: Mees Vervuurt
Cyprien Crabbé, Femke Hulsman, Mees Siderius, Merette van Heijfte,
Pleuni Veen, Veronika Akhmetchina, Wessel van der Ham
LIGHT DESIGN: Chiel ten Cate
COSTUMES: Floren Bloch
DRAMATURGY: Roel Meijvis
PHOTO & POSTER: Tibor Dieters